~Holiday crunch time~

We’ve got just 5 days left until Christmas, and every shopping center is packed to the gills. Work for me at Williams Sonoma is full of excitement and an endless stream of customers all waiting to buy new presents for the chef’s in their lives. Most popular on the list currently are the electric pizza stones, Nespresso machines, and Kitchen Aid mixer attachments. The hardest part of working for such a cool store is silently pining for all of the wonderful gifts being bought. 

The line of Kitchen Aid mixers and their attachments alone always has me in a dreamy haze. The paddle with rubber scraping attachment is a seriously nifty tool, as well as the ice cream maker bowl. We also have the pasta maker with multiple cutting blades, most easily paired with our line of jar sauces. A lot of people like to pick up braising sauces and spice rubs to add to gift baskets. I should mention trying to keep up with all the present wrapping is sometimes difficult. We offer cellophane wrapping or gift boxes with red wrapping paper, however some of the items like the Breville ovens are large and difficult to wrap. Have you ever tried to put wrapping paper on a giant coffee maker on your own? The gift wrappers are seriously talented, and it takes even more effort to get those boxes out to our customers cars. All in all the holiday season is both chaotic and full of surprises.

Of the many gifts we also have a steady supply of peppermint bark treats always at the ready. I doubt anyone would be surprised at how quickly an entire candy tree of peppermint bark tins can disappear within the span of one hour. It’s definitely shaping up to be a very good holiday season and the rush will continue to grow with only a few days left. I hope everyone has finalized their gift list and I wish you all the best of holidays, until the next post!


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