~About me~

Chef redbeard

Welcome aboard shipmates!

The name is Aaron, aka Chef Redbeard! 27 years old currently working as a sales associate for William’s Sonoma in New York.

I love to talk about the latest kitchen gadgets and lose myself in a sea of silver and copper utensils. Currently working towards my main goal of becoming a full time food writer and learning everything I can about the culinary world. I spend my free time reading every cook book I can lay my hands on and writing recipes. As such this blog features my latest recipes, adventures, and my thoughts on my current inspiration.

Cooking to me is not an exact science and can always be improved upon. This is what drives me to love food more every day, to see what flavors I can work on and enhance. Becoming a chef has been an adventure filled with discouragement and mishaps along the way. But I have never looked back and continue to write every day, working hard to become a great writer.

I hope you the reader will enjoy my recipes and share your own adventures. I enjoy hearing about everyone’s favorite foods or earliest memories of cooking. Share in the joy of cooking and let your creativity flow!

Have an adventure to share? Questions? Or just feel like saying hi? Drop me a comment or Tweet me.


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