~Shake it up~

The weather is finally starting to turn warm and I can see the flowers beginning to sprout in the yard. The changing seasons seem to have a strong effect on our eating habits, not even just because of certain growing seasons or magazine trends. The beginning months of the year bring a surge in healthy minded meals and dedication to a weekly gym routine. Granted some of that determination drops off in the later months but at least for the moment I for one have settled into an adventurous new pattern.

Coming off of the winter season, having realized my clear addiction to carbs, (bread is fabulous don’t get me wrong), I decided to have my own epiphany. My usual exercise routine is spread out over four days a week, I do mainly cardio at the gym but mix in some weights now and then. I rather enjoy the elliptical as my favorite workout machine. The most notable change I have noticed in myself lately is my exercise always seems more energetic the more rhythm or aggression I add to my music playlist. Just today my routine on the elliptical was nearly doubled in the amount of calories I burn during my hour just by changing my music to Nightwish (an excellent and motivating group of musicians worth checking out).

Another major change is working on better meals, the most in need currently is my breakfast routine. Somewhere along the line in my youth I just didn’t feel the need to eat breakfast as often or eat mainly bagels and fried eggs when I did. Lately I still have the occasional wheat bagel to lower my carbs by a fraction, but now I’m working healthy shakes back into my diet. Just today I received my rather large container of whey protein, Premier Protein Chocolate to be exact. I definitely need to add more protein into my diet and less carbs so this seemed like the best option. Currently I am trying out a classic shake recipe of Peanut Butter and Banana, that will be my main go to for the moment until I decide to experiment more. My delicious shake today consists of

1 Scoop Premier Protein Whey Powder (Chocolate)

1 Banana

1 Tbsp All Natural Peanut Butter

1/2 Cup Milk

1 6oz Container 0% Fat Greek Vanilla Yogurt.

shake 1 

I’m definitely liking the energy I feel changing things up diet wise. Hoping this continued path will put me in better shape for the summer months. I hope you the reader are having a great start to spring and that you’ll share any favorite shake ideas you think I should try. Until the next post!


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