~Game on~

Hello again friends! Been having to do some balancing lately between cooking and personal health among other things. Weight is sometimes a hard issue to confront, I’ve been told that when you are mentally ready to face it you will succeed. Over the past month I have been putting in the hours at the gym, looking forward to facing this new year with more confidence. Does mean I sometimes have to focus less on cooking extravagant recipes and focus more on changing the diet. But that could never diminish my love of food and keeping so many recipes on the brain.

For those who watched the Super Bowl this past Sunday, I hope you had a good time with lots of grub! I will admit not being totally into the sports scene, obviously I have more fun cooking the snacks to go with the event. Some years I make a big platter of nachos, one of my favorite hands on foods. Other times it could be a big pot of chili, this year I decided the more hands on the better, even if messy! Started with a nice plate of Zucchini Fries, a better taste than normal french fries to me. I love zucchini raw or cooked, string or cubed, anyway I can get them. Simple enough to make just by cutting a few zucchini into small 2 inch strips and coating them in egg-wash and bread crumbs.

Football 1

Next up if I had to name a favorite type of bar food or game time food besides chili it would have to be Buffalo Wings. Definitely can say I have an obsession with spicy food but with wings I enjoy mild or honey barbecue, with a decent side of blue cheese dressing. I made a batch of mild coated in flour and spices. A cup of flour mixed with a tablespoon of white pepper and 2 teaspoons of garlic powder. Get a large skillet with frying oil heated up and get a nice brown crisp on all sides.

Football 2

Then remove the wings to the side to sit and add your favorite sauce into the skillet and bring to a bubble. I used Franks Red Hot mild and gave the wings a generous toss in the sauce before serving. Exceedingly messy but worth the effort!

Football 3

With football done now we can look forward to baseball! Always another sporting event or party idea to celebrate with a lot of good food. I hope you all share some of the food you had for your Super Bowl party over the weekend. Until the next post!


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