~Brand new year~

So admittedly, this  year has gotten off to a bit of a rocky start. We have unfortunately lost some of the greats of our time. I’m not sure which loss I take harder, the Goblin King or Snape. But it does no good to sit and mope, not when there is a new dawn to sail towards.

I always find the month of January interesting, hopefully with no wish to be insulting. The obvious spike in gym memberships and fitness activities. Usually most of which trail off by Valentines Day when we share chocolate among other things with our partners. Being able to workout does give a boost in confidence, to me it helps me both physically and mentally. I get a chance to rock out to my music (usually consisting of weird Al Yankovic and Disturbed) and focus on new idea and recipes to test.

My main thought today was to change up the menu on what experiments I like to try. Usually I’m all for the heavy beer infused dessert or brown sugar pork loin. It has been too long since my days at Whole Foods Market, and I have decided to make a come back to that style. My first test today was fruit sushi! Many of you may know the concept, substituting protein for fresh fruit and soy sauce for pureed berries. My motto with food as handed down by my mother is to always try everything once, if you don’t happen to like it you won’t have to. But of course I enjoy most everything so really what do I have to worry about?

I went simple for my first attempt, using mainly bananas. There are a few sites that show how to videos in making different fruit rolls, and using the excess rice for making Mochi! (I very much love the texture of Mochi in any dessert form I can get it) I have no images to share today unfortunately since my sushi technique was horrid and the rolls were a tad lumpy. The whole process involves boiling your rice with a dash of sugar rather than salt, and either rolling your fruit inside the rise on a sushi pad or like I made today laying slices of fruit on top of the rice spheres like sashimi. It made for an excellent lunch and when more fruit becomes available during the spring and beginning of summer I will no doubt try it out again.

Besides trying new meal alternatives I have brought out some of my old recipes during my Whole Foods years and intend to dust them off for a re write. Considering the winter cold hanging around no doubt I’ll want to try some new soups, maybe even Miso with delicious tofu. As such I believe I might start bringing a notebook to the gym, write down any ideas I might nab from my head while I work on my confidence both inside and out. I hope you all have a similar outlook and are excited for a new year of cooking. Until the next post my friends!


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